20 02, 2018

A Guide for Making Room for Grief in Work & Life

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Have you ever created intentional space in your work/life for grief? I never knew it was possible until earlier this month. I may be relatively young, but I've had my share of deaths to process in life. In all instances, I went through the motions and then seemed to just move on. As in, I went to [...]

19 02, 2018

The Places We’ll Go

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Kelly Marciniw, CPHR, geMBA writes on entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship from both the employees' and employers' perspective. As the Founder and CEO of BrightGo Solutions in Vancouver, Canada,  she guides immigrant entrepreneurs, global companies, and international HR leaders, who are overwhelmed when establishing their business and human resources in their new market, to navigate the culture, [...]

13 02, 2018

SparkVision Welcomes 2018 Guest Bloggers!

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Moving into nearly my third year of business, I know that there is “workplace culture” territory I want to cover that I simply am not – nor do I have the capacity to be – an expert in. With incredible visionaries in my personal and professional tribe, I am proud to have partnered with 7 [...]

8 02, 2018

Patience & Resilience: Lessons from the Ashes

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Kevin Frick is the Vice Dean for Education at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.  He has been an avid runner for the past 11 years - participating in 9 marathons (including Boston in 2013) and one 55 mile ultra marathon in South Africa.  He has spoken about mentoring to the Carey Women in Business [...]

8 02, 2018

Millennial Voices: Nicole Demetrides

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Nicole is an Aerospace Engineer at John's Hopkins Applied Physics Lab testing and evaluating our nation's defense missiles.  Learn more about this multifaceted millennial's perspective on "work/life balance" and where she finds her inspiration. Data shown above depict the featured individual's age, preferred form of acknowledgment, top three values of organizational culture, principal values sought [...]

5 02, 2018

5 Ways to Feel the Love at work this Valentine’s Day!

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It's officially the month of love and a perfect time to show some extra affection for your work family! While I don't typically prescribe to fluffy employee engagement experiences, I think that Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to get a little mushy and have fun with spreading positive vibes throughout the day. This day can actually be [...]

5 02, 2018

Millennial Voices: Noha Ahmed

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As the Manager of Strategic Partnerships for the Maryland Environmental Service, Noha, establishes and maintains partner relationships.  She also provides project management support to enhance agency performance and ensure delivery of excellent customer service.  Read on to learn more about Noha's unique experiences and the insights she's gained from them. Data shown above depict the [...]

31 01, 2018

Millennial Voices: Marianna Guthrie

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Marianna oversees the marketing efforts for two successful Ford dealerships and one Lincoln dealership in Georgia and North Carolina.  She works closely with the dealership managers to maximize exposure and manages online reputations, marketing vendors, social media, and events.  Read on to find out ways Marianna believes companies can create environments where people can thrive. [...]

29 01, 2018

Millennial Voices: Kiel Chesley

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Kiel is the Director of Business Development for Cradle Systems, LLC, a DC-based IT and consulting firm and an INC 5000 fastest growing company in America.  Learn more below about Kiel's ideas for engaging millennials and how his company supports his personal growth and work/life balance.    Data shown above depict the featured individual's age, [...]

23 01, 2018

Are You My Mentor? 3 Questions to Identify the Right Mentor for YOU!

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Mentorship occurs when you accept feedback and direction from a trusted advisor.  There is no denying the good that comes from learning and growing through mentoring relationships. Feeling a sense of purpose, increased confidence and a boost in listening skills are among the benefits for both the mentor and the mentee. According to our High [...]