High Achieving Millennials: A SparkVision Research Project

High Achieving Millennials: A SparkVision Research Project 2017-08-18T23:34:22+00:00

I know what you’re thinking…. “Not another Millennial story! What could you possibly tell me that isn’t already all over the media?”  Trust me, we hear you. It’s that very mindset that sparked our idea to engage in this work.

Our “High Achieving Millennial Research Project” was inspired to be the voice and face of the new generation of workforce members who are nothing like the rotten jargon they’re all too often associated with. We are conducting quantitative and qualitative research, with carefully defined parameters, amongst hundreds of young professionals who are doing amazing things.

So let’s be clear here – SparkVision is ONLY researching millennials who are crushing the negative stereotypes attached to their generation. We’re talking to those who are on-point professionally, striving to be better and inspiring those around them. These are the young people who employers are desperate to get their hands on, but all too often lose once they do.

SparkVision defines a High Achieving Millennial (HAM) as someone who was born between 1980 – 2000 and strives to become more effective in work and life. They maintain high standards, take responsibility for their mistakes, associate achievement with one’s own competence and are intrinsically motivated.  They are able to find purpose in pursuing a task.  HAMs regularly earn promotions, awards and higher degrees. They undertake extracurricular activities, are recognized by colleagues as proactive self-starters, and often lead a team or company.

We want to know: what motivates these high achievers? What are their values and how are they translated at work? What experiences did they have in their upbringing that developed this mindset for achievement? How can companies build on those experiences for further growth? What do they bring to today’s workplace, and what do they need out of their workplace culture to thrive?

Our survey and interviews are revealing the answers, so that we can apply it to today’s culture.

Now are you interested?

Ultimately, SparkVision will produce an in-depth report of our findings. But don’t fret – as we go about the research, we’ll be highlighting individuals and their stories in our newsletter, blog series, and (soon-to-launch) podcast. We’ll bring the research to life, so it can be easily digested and even applied to your work experience.

This research will shed light on the humanity that exists within all of us and how much more we have in common than not. We aim to be transparent in our process, create more equity for us all and bring meaningful collaboration into our diverse workplace cultures.

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