High Achieving Millennials: A SparkVision Research Project

High Achieving Millennials: A SparkVision Research Project 2018-01-10T16:57:01+00:00

Overview of the Research

SparkVision’s High Achieving Millennial Research Project is capturing the values, characteristics and workplace culture preferences of those born between 1980 – 2000 who are on-point professionally, striving to be better and inspiring those around them. Unlike the commonly accepted negative stereotypes, these are the millennials employers are desperate to get their hands on, but all too often lose once they do.

A High Achieving Millennial (HAM) is someone who maintains high standards, takes responsibility for their mistakes, associates achievement with one’s own competence and is intrinsically motivated.  HAMs regularly earn promotions, awards and higher degrees. They undertake extracurricular activities, are recognized by colleagues as proactive self-starters, and often lead a team or company. 

Phase I

Our initial report captures the High Achieving Millennial's authentic voice through their experience and stories. It explores topics such as perception, perspective, race, culture, and professional values.
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Phase II

Our Phase II report humanizes the millennial experience and paints a more accurate picture of what HAMs need in the workplace to thrive. It captures fascinating high-level concepts that will be examined more closely in future special reports.
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Who is this data for and how can it help?


Are you an executive, human resources professional, or in a management capacity of an organization that employs or is looking to hire millennials who defy the “lazy and entitled” stereotype?

Established Professionals

Are you outside the millennial generation looking in, wondering how you can better understand and communicate with a generation that has been labeled as different from yourself?


Are you a millennial looking to better understand your generation and where you stand with workplace motivations?

Questions about High Achieving Millennials our research answers...

  • What are their core values and how do they align in the workplace?
  • How do the positive and negative aspects of workplace culture impact their engagement?
  • What triggers stress and precipitates their departure from an organization?
  • Which aspects of upbringing influence long-term motivations?

How can we help?

Not sure how to apply these findings to your organization?
We can help! Our services center around one core deliverable: Creating environments where people thrive. Here are some of the ways we do it.

Crafting Culture
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Millennial Voices