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Our services center around one core deliverable:
Creating environments where people thrive.
Here are some of the ways we do it.

Crafting Culture

Culture is something you feel. It’s the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that define an organizations nature. This complex, and seemingly intangible, emotional space is where we do our best work.

We identify opportunities and execute strategies that promote a sense of community.  All developments are rooted in what works for your company’s culture and driven by the voices and ownership of staff.

Individual work focuses on the well-being of your employees and collective work looks at the big picture – how the company is living its values and driving a sense of shared purpose. SparkVision orchestrates meaningful human connections between your values, vision and people.

This deep work ranges from entire organizations to boards or specific departments within a company.

Millennial Engagement

Love or hate them – Millennials are taking over. By 2025, they will make up 75% of the U.S. Labor Force.

Our proprietary High Achieving Millennial Research Project has taken a deep dive into the environments in which leading young professionals thrive. We apply our findings to strategically inform your company’s goals.

From national models to local offices, we have developed proven models to engage the next generation of leaders.

Our work in this area includes:

  • One-on-one coaching for Millennials
  • Developing best practice models for nonprofit engagement
  • Bringing generations together throughout an organization
  • Speaking on our research findings and experience


Our founder thrives when engaging diverse audiences by speaking on her passion areas: Workplace Culture, Engagement, Values and Millennials.

She’s spoken to intimate groups of ten to international conferences of 2,000. Whether you’re interested in a keynote address or a conversation to ignite new thinking and dialogue, MaryBeth will finesse her presentation to meet the objectives of your audience.

Topics Include:

  • The Secret Sauce to Millennial Engagement
  • Groups vs. Tribes
  • Crafting Culture through Values
  • Own Your Gifts: Everyone’s Superpower is Being Themselves


Organizations continually strive to engage their greatest asset – their people.

However, too many retreats fail to make a lasting impact; in contrast, our signature “Life Lens Workshop” was developed to support meaningful, long-term change through valuable interpersonal connection. The end result? Teams that are better able and more willing to collaborate, empathize, and achieve together.

Life Lens is ideal for groups and organizations who want to:

  • Connect team members across the generations
  • Break down workplace silos
  • Increase collaboration and engagement
  • Ignite deeper connections among teammates